Vacuum Pipe Lifters

How do you turn a multi man task into a single man operation? Easy, use one of our vacuum pipe lifters.

Able to be attached to excavators, tele-handlers, cranes, forklifts or loaders, the Vacuum pipe lifters are ideal for unloading and loading plastic, poly or steel pipe. Usually used in either pipe dump yards or stringing along the ROW, our Schoenbeck designed vacuum pipe lifters are ready for any project where pipe deployment is required.

We stock a vast range of accessories and section pads to suit pipe from as small as 100mm in diameter up to 1200mm in diameter. Importantly, our Vacuum Pipe Lifters remove the risk of human-pipe-machine interaction by not having to be slung, often at heights, when unloading or in tight spots. Talk to International Pipeline Services today about your job and what we can offer you.

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