CAT Challenger Tow Tractors

Renowned for their quality and durability, the Caterpillar Challenger is second to none as a tow tractor for pipeline work.

Mobile, tough and quicker than traditional dozers, the CAT Challengers have been proven as the ideal machine for pipe haulage through incredibly tough terrain year in year out.

Our range of CAT Challengers start at 385hp with the largest in the fleet being 410hp. All our tractors are provided with either engine mounted or hydraulically driven high pressure air compressors including full in cabin air controls. You then have the option of utilising the rear ring feeder or the swinging drawbar as your hook up. Plus, all our tractors have a set of 4 rear oil outlets producing 100l/m. The International Pipeline Services fleet are offered site ready and maintained to the highest standard and can be shipped anywhere for work.

International pipeline services_challenger fleet_for hire